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Safer kitchens – Safer Homes
24th August 2017

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service (ESFR)


East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is asking people to do three simple things to help keep their homes safe from fire...


Head of Community Safety David Kemp said: "These are the most common causes of fires in the home, followed very closely with fire started by smoking. Fires can be devastating. You can lose your home, your treasured possessions such as photos or in the worst cases your life, not to mention the financial costs of repairing the damage. By simply taking a bit more care and finding out about your appliances you can make your home safer. We also advise that you have at least one smoke alarm on every level of your home to give you an early warning should the worst happen."



Register your appliance

Electrical Safety First says that the average success rate of an electrical product recall in the UK is just 10-20%. This means that there are potentially millions of recalled electrical items still in UK homes. As most of these products have been recalled because they offer a risk of electric shock or electrical fire, they present a serious risk. You can register your appliance via its website - please offer to help people you know who may not be as confident using computers:



Home Safety Visits

We are committed to helping people stay safe in their homes. One of the ways we do this is by carrying out Home Safety Visits. These are offered to people who are most at risk from fires in their homes. Our specially trained staff will visit your home and give you advice on how to reduce the risk of having a fire. Find out more by calling on 0800 177 7069 or via our website